Thursday, April 28, 2011

My first art journal attempt

Ok, so here it is... todays challenge was to trace your hands and do something with it. I always wanted to try art journaling... I am a big Julie Fei-Fan Balzer fan and just love what she does. As you see, I am no Julie... LOL. The first mistake was using a household permanent marker on the words... OOOPPPS... the 2nd mistake was the rest of it... LOL.. But hey, I tried something new, it is my first piece of watercolor art... and I will save it so when I get better I can look back and see where I started.



bes53913 said...

Cheri - be kind to yourself! Like you said, you tried something new, pushed your boundaries a bit. Now, sermon over - I think it's charming. Well done!

Jeanette said...

I love this. You did a beautiful job on tracing your hands. The colors are gorgeous. Keep on trying new things. You are a natural.

Anonymous said...

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milkcan said...

Fantastic! I love the hands! Can't believe it's your first page! I look forward to seeing lots more from you!

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