Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fishing Creel

Ok... is this not the cutest thing ever! Again... thanks to Laura from Following the Paper Trail (you can purchase her pattern for this at her etsy store which can be found on her blog... This is a fishing creel box full of goodies! I made this for my hubby for fathers day... so here it is... (click on pictures to make them larger). I covered the outside with paper that I embossed with Tim Holtz "burlap" embossing folder. Added some embellishments and wa-la. I used the designer calendar cricut cartridge for the letters.

The inside... I used hinges for the lid, Laura does it differently.
I made a fishermans ruler, this was not part of Laura's kit... but I had to add it :) My hubby thinks he always gets the BIG one!!! 12 inches =30 inches in man language! There is also a can of worms...
can of worms open to reveal a photo mat
Here are tags that have bobbers and lures... also photo/journal mats.

I made about a dozen bobbers and hooked them on a real fishing swivel... these are not part of Laura's design. Just added them for more picture/journal space.
Hooked fish :) They open to reveal 2 photo mats. How cute are they!!! Love the lips!

Heres the whole kit and kaboodle :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 More pages complete

Ok... here are some more completed pages for my fathers day albums. See the post below this one for more pictures. CLICK ON PHOTO'S TO ENLARGE THE PICTURES. I had to have a leather jacket.... I designed this one myself. The idea of the shirt is Laura's from following the paper trail. I did all of the smallest details on these jackets... stitching, studs, buckles, zippers, pockets, and the paper is leather paper by Sizzix. It looks and feels like real leather. The jacket is held close with velcro on the waist strap. The shirt underneath is a white pocket t-shirt and it is completed by a pain of jeans. I made two of these as I want to keep one for myself and I am giving one to my dad for Fathers Day.

I couldnt forget the pj's. Complete with drawstring bottoms.

Here is the completed flannel shirt.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Work in Progress

Here is a mini album I am making for my dad for fathers day. Its not done... here is a page and a half... I just had to show it cause its too darn cute! I got the pattern from Laura from following the paper trail, but I am making them a little different then hers. The first one is a plaid shirt with brown pants. It also has a cream turtleneck. The turtleneck collar is actually part of a tag that goes inside the pocket... each shirt is mounted on a pocket page. When the shirt opens, there is a brown pair of pants... the pants are on the front and back. The pants are also a pocket. I still have to add the belt, loops, and buckle. Inside the shirt will be 2 pockets and tags and also a larger tag inside the pants, both in front and back.

Here is a Golf set- I love the plaid pants!!! It has a green collared shirt underneath (the collar part is the inside tag, as shown in picture below. Complete with tags, belt, buckle, and photo mat on back of page. The shirt lifts up to reveal a photo mat/tag. Isnt this just adorable! Thanks so much Laura for the idea and inspirations!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Purse Album

This is the purse version from Laura from following the paper trail. The contents of this one has a wallet, phone, ipod, lipstick, makeup compact, sunglasses, stick of gum, and pocket of tags. This is just adorable and I love it! I am giving it to my middle daughter for her highschool graduation. In it will be a ticket to get her a car.... :) shhhhh, she doesnt know :)

Briefcase Album

Well hello!! Its been a long time since I have posted. Been very busy and not really into blogging. I have made a couple of neat items I want to share with you all today. This is a pattern that I purchase from Laura from She is amazing and I just love her work!!! So below is a briefcase album I made for my oldest daughter. She just moved out of state and got a new job so I thought this would be perfect for her. The contents are a wallet, calculator, little 4 page booklet, phone in case, file folders, chap/lip stick, and laptop. I added my own items and change some things around from the original pattern, but it mostly is Laura's design. I think it came out really cute and hopefully she can fill it with lots of great pics and put it on her new desk :)

Homemade Business Card holder

Homemade Business Card holder
I made this for my daughter for a Christmas gift- The cards were for her new phone line- a very special gift.

Business card holder back

Business card holder back

Altered Planner with bookmark & pen

Altered Planner with bookmark & pen
For French teacher.