Thursday, April 7, 2011

I had a busy day... Disney clock... day 4 (3 wks later.. lol)

I worked on my clock today too. So that would be a layout, my glue caddy, and the clock & mini album for the clock!!! Whew... tired now! So... I did some work to the bottom of the clock... I dont have anything that really will go in a shadow box, so I used 2 pins I got from Disney and 2 key chains of mickeys head dangling down. I added my pics and a few embellishments to the album (couldnt add much cause it cant be thicker than the box, so its mostly just pictures) and put it in the box.

Again, this is inspired by Laura Denison from She had made a GORGEOUS vintage clock for Tim Holtz for the 2011 CHA. I saw it and fell in love!!! I am not going to tell how I made this as it is not my design and I am sure Laura will share as soon as all the materials are out for sale to the public. Mine does differ from hers, hers is much much much better... I made my version. Go check out her blog for details for her upcoming ustream classes, kits, and patterns. She is AMAZING... you wont be disappointed!!! So a big shout out to Laura for inspiring me to finally start using all the stuff I have collected, for thinking outside the box (with a box.. lol) and for sharing your most admirable talents!!! Now, onto the pictures of my work of the day.... just note that the clock face isnt here yet... its on pre-order... so when it gets here I can hopefully finish it! Cause as you will see below, they are still in pieces :)

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Tolegranny said...

Coming along nicely. Looks like a big undertaking. Great piece to remember.

Lisa said...

Absolutely wonderful! I think you did a fantastic job. TFS!

n8tvtexan said...


Patti said...

What a fabulous disney clock. I love the little album also. Great
job Cheri.

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