Saturday, April 9, 2011

Look what I did !!! Funky Women !!!

Well, now its official! I have used every part of the configuration boxes that I used for making my Disney clock. These were the last two boxes I had left, but the first idea I had when I saw those little boxes. I just new I had to make them! They are really little, they just look big in the picture. The gold box is about 3" high and the silver one is about 2". I cant get a good shot, the metal reflects too much, so I hope you can get the idea.

First I painted the boxes, one gold- one silver. (above)

Then I sprayed some Lindys Stamp Gang moon shadow spray onto a piece of paper and dabbed it on the boxes to create a marbled look. (below)

I picked the stamps I wanted... I think they might be from I Brake For Stamps, but I am not 100% on that. I stamped one on silver paper with distress ink. The other one I wound up stamping and embossing with silver embossing powder and cutting it out. That one was on gold paper.

I knew that I wanted one of them to have a corset. I dont sew... but I did okay with this one. I used a piece of flour sack, copper eyelets, and silver metallic embrod. thread to lace it up.

I used some double sided thin metal sheets and put them on adhesive back paper for support. I used 2 different stampin up punches to punch out the arms and legs. I attached them with jump rings and foam dots.

I wanted the legs from one of the boxes to dangle so I took 2 T-bar pins, cut them down (thank you hubby for doing that for me!) and wired it up to the bottom of the box. The legs slipped right over it. I also put the corset around a foam block and pinned it on the back.

Here is the silver box. I cut out the head, and put a piece of copper metal behind it. I cut wings out from a Nestie die and added 2 metalic flower stickers to the hands. I love the Medusa style hair! That looks like me in the morning!!! (no, really, it does...) She is silver and copper.

I think I am in love with her! Look at that face!!! Silver and Gold... dragon fly wings... cigar label belt.. wrapped in wire.... what more could I ask for???

Well, I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Jeanette said...

Cheri, These are adorable. You are so clever. I love them to pieces.

Dorothy said...

I did indeed enjoy them!! They are fantastic!!!

Judy Cantrell said...

Adorable Creations!!

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