Thursday, March 24, 2011

Disney Clock- day 3

I spent all day working on a mini album that I created with paper bags... took me FOREVER to figure out how I was going to construct it... and guess what... IT DIDNT FIT IN THE CLOCK BASE!!!! UGH! So, I had to start all over again, and created a smaller simpler paper bag mini. These are my own creations. I am so proud of how the first one turned out. I didnt embellish or finish them, I had enough for today. But here are pictures of my progress so far. This is the second mini I had to make. I am no where near done with it... I just got the cover, back, and inside pages put together... not done with the binding, embellishing, or tags for inside the paper bag pages. This is the mini I worked hours on! It took me about 3 hours to figure out how to fold, cut, attach, bind, etc... and I really like how I did it... but... it doesnt fit... so this will just become a regular mini album of our Disney trip... Lord knows I am going to need tons of albums... 3 wks worth of pictures! This uses 2 paper bags and has 4 pockets, you could have 7 pockets, but I made it to go inside the clock base... now that it is done and I didnt know it wouldnt fit, it is too late to add more pockets. But it has tons of real estate for pictures! Each pocket holds 2 tags, and much more can fit in them!

Okay... so here are some close ups of the clock parts.... I have gotten a lot of comments about it being to red or to silver... its neither...

This shows 5 boxes from Tim Holtzs configuration box. There is a tiny bit of the 6th box showing at the top, but I wont discuss that one for now. The main middle large square box is going to be where the clock goes on. It is made up of the 2 pcs. that come with this box... both sides have acetate covers and you can look in one side out the back. The back has donald and daisy peeking through. The inside of the box has all the disney characters lining the sides, top and bottom. Then there are 2 small boxes on each side. The are adorned with Mickey and Minnie which I made from the cricut cart "Mickey and Friends" (daisy & donald and goofy pictured below are all made from that cartridge and took me about 4 hours to piece together!!!) The large middle box has silver foil tape on the outer edges and Tim's corner pieces on each corner as well. Inside the Mickey and Minnie box is the Castle from the Magic Kingdom.

Here is the top of the clock which has goofy falling off the top of the clock. I made him from the cricut cart named above. The front of that piece will have a saying that is shown below.

Minnie side shot.... I did all the polka dots by hand.

Mickey side shot.... yes, goofy has minnie ears... lol

Full shot of the top piece of the clock. It is painted black with irridescent medium over it. I wanted the clock itself not to be the focus, I wanted the Disney characters to be the main focus.

Here is the base by itself. I first painted it, added the patterned paper in the back, cut out the dividers and painted them. And finally attached the dividers... not easy!

I layed the clock down flat so you could see that the top middle box is see through. It is not assembled, but I put the boxes where they will go. The bottom section will have doors and a mini album, so you wont see all that red. I made the dividers on the bottom, as the box is originally open.

Here is a shot with the unfinished mini album in its place. Just so you can get an idea.

This is the clock I originally made for the front of the box... but I dont like it at all... I just put it there so you could again get the idea of where the clock face will eventually go.

I cut a large mickey head and was going to put it in the back of box peeking out... but still not sure I want to cover all that space.... It does help donald and daisy stand out more.

And here it is with the mickey head shadow in the back and the clock face... again... its just to show the idea of what it is going to resemble.

Now, I just have to figure out how I want to do the doors. I spent a good time thinking about that today and got nowhere. Until next time....

Thanks for looking!



Cartol Gomes said...

Cheri, your album is really cute!


Laura said...

Cool Beans!!! Loving it!

Laura Denison

Erika said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

Beachstudio said...

OMG! This is amazing!

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