Friday, February 20, 2009

Sun & Cinema rooms

Here are the sunroom & cinema room

Sunroom the day we moved in- the furniture pictured is brand new but was already in the house. And yes, get a load of the gorgeous view of the golf course!!! I am on the 11th-13th green.

After I decorated.... the curtains are not all up all the way yet... the room has lots of furniture in it... but its basically just used as a video game room for my son, as his big screen is in there.

The cinema room-

this is the shot you get when you open the door from the kitchen... you see the fireplace (propane, not wood), the bar, and built in on the left wall that holds movies & music. My son collects coca cola stuff, so his collection is displayed on the fireplace. Sorry about the bbq utensils on the bar, was in the middle of still unpacking.

Here is the movie screen... my son is 5'7" and this shows a size comparison of how big the screen is. I think its an 8' screen.

this is a mural that was custom painted... its on the same wall as the fireplace, just down in the seating area.

this was a shot take the day we moved in... its not set up yet... i love the floor... it was made in steps like a real movie theather and under each step it lights up.

Heres another shot standing in front of the screen looking up into the room... the day we moved in, so its empty. The furniture reclines and is sooo comfy!

Here is the wall opposite the mural, part of it... you can see out into the kitchen... love all the oak!

Shot from door looking down into cinema area.

Is this not the coolest table ever!!! It reclines to you!

Can you notice the steps? And I just love the lighting in this room... it has so many different settings and is just perfect for any setting!

This is where all the magic happens... all the electronics.

Yes, that is a working popcorn maker!! Cool huh!?!

Wet bar area of cinema room.

another shot of fireplace/bar area.

another shot of screen from bar area.


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