Friday, February 20, 2009

The master bedroom & craftroom.

The craftroom... still a room in progress... but I have been working on it here and there~ You have seen my house in NY.... well, my craftroom there was a whole basement... and now I am trying to fit it all in one bedroom! Its taking awhile to fit & figure out! Plus, hubby wont let me keep my computer in my bedroom anymore, so now I had to fit that in my craftroom too!

This is the room before I got ahold of it!

And here it is after.................. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The back of the closet door & behind the closet.

The inside of the closet door.

Part of the huge walk in closet before I got to it....

After I got to it!!!

More of the room! I really have gotten a lot done... you should of seen it when it was full of boxes! But now its just a matter of putting away and organizing the rest of it. I got a lot of the storage at auctions (they are so fun!! we didnt have auctions in NY!) as most of my storage items from my old craftroom are still in my NY house. So we got all new (old) stuff here.

The Master Bedroom- Yes, I know... its Tarzan... but those of you who know me, know I love the jungle motif and my whole house in NY was safari.... so I am right at home in this room! Its not decorated like a master bedroom... but I love it that way!

My daughter the 16 yo photographer (lol) took this shot so you could see all the mural and out into the hallway. The closet is also here on the left. This shot was taken the day we moved in.

The closet. Which my daughter still cant believe I gave up the huge walk in closet in the craftroom for this one! But she doesnt realize that behind these walls is a huge room that has built in dressers and hanging racks! I am not stupid you know!

Awwww, the lion family at the foot of my unmade bed.... I never make my bed... I am just going to mess it up later anyways!

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Homemade Business Card holder

Homemade Business Card holder
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Business card holder back

Business card holder back

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Altered Planner with bookmark & pen
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