Friday, February 20, 2009

Bathrooms, hallway, stairs, oh my!

Here is the view from the top of the stairs looking down out front door. Arent they scary stairs!

Here is the view from the front door up... you see into the master bath.

This is the longggg hallway that goes to what is the master bedroom, but it is supposed to be a childs room... who better to have it then me! I made the master bedroom my craftroom cause I didnt want to put anything on the walls in this room, as it is custom painted.

Here is the master bath... this was decorated to honor my husband, as he loves fishing.

Hubbys throne.
The sink/cabinet area.

The doors out of the master bath.. one goes into hallway, the other goes into craftroom (which is intended to be the master bedroom.)

This is the kids room... this pic was taken the day we moved in... its trying to show that on the left is a full tub with shower and on the right is a shower stall with 2 shower heads. Coolio!

The shower stall

The sinks

The full tub and toilet.

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Homemade Business Card holder

Homemade Business Card holder
I made this for my daughter for a Christmas gift- The cards were for her new phone line- a very special gift.

Business card holder back

Business card holder back

Altered Planner with bookmark & pen

Altered Planner with bookmark & pen
For French teacher.