Friday, January 11, 2008

My first blog

Hello! My name is Cheri. I live on Long Island, NY and have been a collector of scrap items for several years now. I just started using my items and am still a beginner. I have found a niche in paper piecing and altering journals, calendars, etc. I will be posting videos on different topics from time to time, so make sure to check back often.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri
I enjoyed your "first video." I don't stamp much because of the spots missed. Thanks for telling me about sanding and your tips. Your end result is gorgeous! More, More!

doodle_bug_deb said...

loved the first video, I had never heard of sanding the stamps, I'm going to start doing that, my ink always beads up on the stamp and you get those missed spots what a great tip. you didn't mention what grit sandpaper you use, I'm assuming it's a very fine grit #.
can't wait for the next video

Cheri's Craft Corner said...

The sandpaper is a fine grit. I had to re-do the whole first segment of my video as it only captured 6 seconds the first time, so I lost most of the beginning instructions and forgot to mention several things.

Homemade Business Card holder

Homemade Business Card holder
I made this for my daughter for a Christmas gift- The cards were for her new phone line- a very special gift.

Business card holder back

Business card holder back

Altered Planner with bookmark & pen

Altered Planner with bookmark & pen
For French teacher.